Wabi Sabi West has a great warranty that proves we stand behind our work and value our clients!

     Trees, shrubs and perennials provided and installed by Wabi Sabi West into irrigated beds will have a one time replacement warranty for a period of one year from the date of project completion.

     If your plant fails to survive during the first year, Wabi Sabi West will remove it and install a new, healthy plant equal in size to the original. You will incur no charges for material or labor associated with the replacement process. Wabi Sabi West will try to determine why the plant failed to survive and make suggestions to insure your gardening success.

     Annuals and container plantings will have no warranty. Warranty does not cover vandalism, acts of nature (such as but not limited to tornados, floods, extreme temperatures not common to this area, fire, etc.), neglect, over watering, under watering, winter damage, insect damage or fungus issues.

     Warranty will be void if invoices are not paid in full within 15 days of invoice date.