Merry Christmas to YOU!

Posted by Annie Napier on 12/04/2017

If your "love language" is quality time--like mine, then you really just want to spend some relaxing and fun times with your family and friends.  It doesn't matter who gives or gets what, but some music and fire and treats with those you love makes everything merrier--all year long. 

Think about extending your living area into the outdoors and give yourself the perfect haven by taking advantage of our professional design and installation services.

Think, in just a little bit, you can feel proud of your gathering spaces by adding: 

12) Outdoor rooms, including kitchens, can be designed to enjoy twelve months out of the year and can be covered with either a solid roof or plants which are supported by a beautiful pergola, in any style or material.

11)  Need to do some problem solving? Retaining walls and raised beds can be very aesthetic, as well as multi-functional.

10)  A cozy fire pit surrounded by built-to-last seating solutions--so you don't have to catch your patio furniture blowing in the Oklahoma winds anymore.

9) Add vertical interest to your fences or bare walls with unique espaliered trees or trellised vines.

8) Eye-catching, planted containers, complete with irrigation, which can be updated seasonally so you have year round color, or they can be planted with evergreens and perennials and maintained as needed.

7) 7 days a week.  Kids need to play outside for at least 30 minutes everyday.  Let us design and install a natural playground for your growing family.

6) Decorative privacy fencing that compliments your home, accented with interesting plants to keep things interesting year round.

5)  Need help getting your family's 5-a-day?  Families that garden at home together are more likely to get the fruit and vegetable servings they need to be strong and healthy. We'd be happy to design a beautiful, edible landscape for you.

4) Custom designed walkways off every side of your house can be inspiring for adults.  Whether you want to pick herbs right outside your kitchen or see wildflowers in every season, we can help you draw in guests or birds and butterflies, or both.

3) Add naturalistic waterfalls, ponds, and pools to your gardens to reduce noise and increase restorative relaxation.

2) Inviting front and backyard patios to enjoy your daily morning coffee or evening wine with your loved one.

1) A front door entrance that welcomes you home everyday.


Wabi Sabi West will work with you every step of the way, you'll get exactly what you want.  You're worth the time and investment to design it right the first time. 

Browse our portfolios.  When you're ready give us a call or email.  We'll be happy to set up a time with you to discuss your hopes for your project, or a loved one's.  

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