15 Tips for Fall

Posted by Wendy Johnston on 10/14/2013

Fall Color


1. Plant trees and shrubs. Now is the best time

2. Replace summer annuals with pansies, violas, cabbage and kale. Don't forget mums and pumpkins!

3. Plant spring bulbs like tulips and daffodils

4. Divide and transplant perennials

5. Bring tropical plants indoors before temperatures drop below 45°

6. Make sure your beds have a nice layer of mulch before winter

7. Don't stop watering. The best defense against winter damage is a healthy plant

8. Keep mowing height to 3" until grass stops growing.

9.  Keep watering cool season lawns, if needed. Grasses should enter winter fully hydrated, but without the soil being overly wet.


10. Don't trim spring flowering shrubs like Spiraea, Viburnum, and Hydrangea. Next year's flower buds are housed on the previous year's growth. Prune spring flowering shrubs immediately after they bloom.

11. Don't do any major pruning on trees and shrubs. Do remove dead or diseased wood, or any branches overhanging pathways or crossing eachother.

12. Detach garden hoses and insulate.

13. Clean and oil tools and sheds before winter storage.

14. Start a cold compost pile for your leaves.  You'll thank us later.

15. Call us, at Wabi Sabi West. We can help you have a great fall!


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